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   Dong Guan Plasma plastic machinery co.,ltd is TIMAPARK HENAN machine group company in mainland China and Australia company, Guangdong to create a high level of Chinese plastic machinery equipment factory, plastic extrusion line-oriented manufacturing enterprise,The company of high-tech design, high standards of quality, service for friends around the world!Leading products: various specifications of PP, PE, PS, ABS, EVA, plastics, sheet metal equipment;As well as all kinds of PP, PE film, PEVA, EVA etc-casting equipment;There are all kinds of plastic laminating equipment, hot-melt Adhesive Po shoe material equipment in Hong Kong.In addition, .plasMa machine is located in the cellar town, Changping, Dongguan, superior geography and convenient transportation road industrial area, pit exit from Guangzhou-Shenzhen express road about 500 m, in Dongguan city, near the bus station, Ming Xuan Hotel diagonally opposite!Welcome customers to our company to negotiate!